Normalizing the words we fear.

Source: Eileen Finau

“I am not okay!”

Does that surprise you? Many people think that those who publicly admit that they are not okay, are weak. I can assure you, while I may have moments of weakness, I am not weak. Just because I have faults and limitations, that does not mean I am less capable of greatness.

Society generally stereotypes women as sensitive, so these four words can cost us everything we have worked for, while others ignorantly claim, “I told you she couldn’t handle it.” However, as a woman, I should not have to hide behind the fear of society for…

How my husband and I have survived our interfaith marriage.

Source: Eileen Finau

Religion can play a major part in people’s lives. A person’s religious views and beliefs can affect daily activities, choice of attire, hobbies and interest, and may even be a factor in who one decides to marry. However, for me, it means nothing. This isn’t to say that I’m not religious or I don’t have a belief, but I don’t let the bible or a biblical scripture guide my life choices as much as I let my mind and heart be the leading influences.

Religion was all around me growing…

How my child with anxiety taught me how to listen.

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We say, “Kids say the darndest things,” but often we neglect the things they say when they really need us SHUT UP AND LISTEN.

As adults, we have a tendency to view ourselves superior to children. As parents, we think we know better than our children. In both cases, we are wrong.

Yes, it’s true that we may have more education and be more knowledgeable in certain aspects of life, but to disregard children and ignore the many lessons they have to offer us is ignorant. Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way.

When my child was diagnosed with severe…

3 ways these words can negatively affect a child with mental illness.

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One of the most common responses I receive when people learn my child suffers from anxiety disorders is, “Really? She looks so normal.” I usually want to reply with the sarcastic, “No duh,” but I realize that it is not the person’s fault. It is how we as a society have identified what mental illness looks like or acts like.

Generally speaking, many do not realize that any of the Anxiety Disorders are considered mental illnesses. Others do not even recognize Anxiety Disorders as being different from the common anxiety attack or panic attack. …

How I ended the cycle and left my abusive relationship.

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“You’re a whore. I know you are cheating with him.” The accusation was absurd. Not only was the guy his close friend, but his girlfriend was my friend. He was drunk, so I laughed off his ridiculous statement. That is when I felt it. He backhanded me in the face. To this day, I remember the feeling. I was in pain. I was in shock. I was confused. My face started throbbing, but before I could process what happened, he hit me again. This time harder. This time with better contact. Tears instantly ran down my face.

I parked the…

The perspective of a mother of a child with Anxiety Disorders

Source: Eileen Finau

Most of us have suffered the wrath of an anxiety attack at one point in our lives. I definitely had my share of unwanted attacks throughout my lifetime. I am the typical Type A personality, so most things in life give me anxiety as I am programmed to aim at perfection. If you would have asked me eight years ago if I am familiar with anxiety, I would have responded with the obnoxious, “Duh! Of course.” However, my perspective and everything I thought I knew about anxiety was thrown out the window around the time my oldest child turned four.

Eileen Finau

A Communications Professor and Paralegal who enjoys spending her free time writing about this, that, and the other.

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